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Beijing transit visa-free 72 hours for 2 years bring $1.8 billion of consumption growth

Date: 2015-12-17

China news agency Beijing on December 16 (reporter in vertical clouds) Beijing has 72 hours of transit visa-free policy for 2 years, attracted to and from Europe and Australia, as well as a stop-over in Bangkok, Singapore or Hong Kong tourists.16, reporters learned from the Beijing LvYouWei, by the end of 2015, is expected to transfer of immigration will reach 1.8 million person-time, bring Beijing tourism shopping consumption growth of nearly $1.8 billion.
Approved by the state council, Beijing port since January 1, 2013 to the United States, Britain, France and other 45 countries have a third country visa and ticket foreigners transit visa-free policy for 72 hours.
Capital international airport T2, T3 terminal for transit visa-free "72 hours" opened up a dedicated channel, and a prominent place in the airport arrival with a guide.In T3 terminal building, the "72 hours transit visa-free service" has officially operating the tourist office.Bearing, Britain, Germany, Japan, France in multilingual "72 hours of transit visa-free service guide", "Beijing tourist handbook on T2, T3 terminal building office shelves.
At the same time, Beijing capital international airport is the first to marketing of tourist commodities "gift" in Beijing also at T3 terminal 3 isolation layer, increase shopping choice for tourists.
In order to promote the competitiveness of Beijing as an international tourist destination with attractive, on July 1 this year, Beijing as the first city, first to obtain and implement the departure tax rebate policy.Drawback goods sales are mainly concentrated in hualian shin, Beijing jun too Pacific, lafayette and other large department stores.
Beijing LvYouWei provide according to the latest data, so far, Beijing single drawback goods sales of more than RMB 100000 has reached 11, single biggest drawback goods sales as high as 898700 yuan, the "hermes" opened the second company in Beijing.
, said an official with the Beijing LvYouWei relevant city LvYouWei will actively coordinate with the state administration of taxation, perfecting the foreign tourists shopping departure tax rebate management measure (trial) ".Draw lessons from foreign mature mode, and gradually establish a market-oriented operation mechanism;Give play to the resource advantage of related departments, strengthen the tax rebate policy propaganda.(after)