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The country's 71 teams compete for the first zhongguancun science and technology Olympics robot

Date: 2015-12-17

New Beijing network on December 16 (hai-xia dong Chen, c. the first four days of zhongguancun robot technology games are held, haidian district, Beijing zhongguancun core competition project includes four categories: machinery, robot dance competition team game, jumping robot, uav mission event.From Beijing, hebei, shandong, heilongjiang, shaanxi, jiangsu, sichuan and other places of the 71 teams competition, athletes more than 500 people.
Robot is a mechanical design, electronics, control, sensor, materials and other multidisciplinary cross subject, is the image representative of the high-tech production.To some extent the level of the robot, reflects the strength of the comprehensive technical strength of a country.
Xi jinping, also general secretary of the CPC central committee held in June 2014, academician of Chinese academy of sciences conference pointed out that: "the robot revolution is expected to become the third industrial revolution is a breakthrough point and an important growth point", "China will become the world's largest robot market"."We should not only increase the level of robot in our country, and to occupy the market" as much as possible.
Robot competition in science and technology content high, wide disciplines span width, nationality, show strong sexual characteristics, has a strong influence in the world, is a good carrier of cultivating creative personnel.As an emerging sports science and technology, robot technology games to promote the progress of science and technology, effectively promote the sports, education, logistics, manufacturing, processing and materials industry comprehensive development is of great significance.
Take place on December 15, the first zhongguancun games opening ceremony, Beijing haidian area said yu jun, haidian district, many institutions of higher learning, scientific research institutes, there are a number of colleges and universities and research institutions set up research and development institutions, the robot in the field of aerospace and national economy in our country plays a leading role.Haidian district has unique advantages, can become the birthplace of China's robot market and the engine, to grab the commanding heights of the robot industry.He believes that the first zhongguancun robot robot technology games to zhongguancun core area, and even the whole country science and technology education and robot industry development actively promote and demonstration effect.
The shipment could be by the Chinese people's liberation army general staff JunXunBu military sports bureau, Beijing university of science and technology, and haidian district people's government hosted, haidian district, science and technology association and China communications group jointly undertake, the theme of "dazzle sports science and technology, wisdom to win the future".
The first shipment could be admitted to each project group respectively before six and award certificate, issued by the top three prizes.The machine at the game and the first prize of jumping robot, uav mission event is as high as 100000 yuan, robot dance competition first prize, 40000 yuan.Machine team game and jumping robot stadium in Beijing university of science and technology, unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) task in haidian stadium, robot dance competition is held in the faculty of Beijing university of science and technology hall.The audience to view must carry id card, admission tickets after registration.(after)